Friday's 3 Things

Greetings from Washington DC,

First ladies are more often than not way cooler than their President husbands. I had the privilege of touring the White House this week and the stuff I learned about the first ladies was pretty epic. I have always been fond of Eleanor Roosevelt, as many of you know (see my first blog post) but learning about the bravery of Dolly Madison, the gumption of Lady Bird Johnson and the grace of Jacqueline Kennedy has me thinking I need to do a little more digging into the women of the White House. So to embark on this mission I decided that instead of 3 individual things I will instead provide you with three of my favorite quotes from First Ladies along with three facts from my tour.


The first lady is, and always has been, an unpaid public servant elected by one person, her husband.
— Lady Bird Johnson
I want minimum information given with maximum politeness.
— Jacqueline Kennedy
Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.
— Eleanor Roosevelt


Did you know that Dolly Madison saved a boatload of things from the White House before the British burned it down in 1814? One of those things was a life-sized portrait of George Washington that hangs in the White House today.How brave was that? To learn that later in life after her husband passed away that she lived in poverty is heart wrenching. I have got to read her biography.

It takes the staff at the White House 72 man hours to clean ONE SINGLE chandelier. I actually got to see them working on one and I kid you not, every single piece is removed and cleaned individually. I need that kind of deep clean at my house, prefereably by someone else.

I licked the White House walls. Seriously, I did. I took a page from Kid President and decided, why not? They don't really taste like much but the action of throwing caution to the wind and acting like a kid was somewhat invigorating. Normally when one tells people something as outrageous or some may say ridiculous as this, they require photographic evidence. Unfortunately the secret service does not allow photos on the tour, so you will have to take my word for it. I do have witnesses. They were very embarrassed but I don't care. Truth be told, I would do it all again. Thanks KP for the idea in your "Guide to Being Awesome".

What three things did you find interesting this week? Share them with me here or on social media. Can't to wait to hear from you

P.S. I haven't read much on our First Ladies yet, other than Eleanor and since I already recommended a book on her, I figure I will recommend my favorite book right now. "Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome" You will not regret picking this book up, it will give you a whole new outlook plus it will provide you with great advice to make the world more awesome and who doesn't want to do that?