Friday's 3 Things From My Last Day

For the past 11 years I have had the opportunity to travel the world. I have been forced to go outside my comfort zone more times than I can count. I have met the most amazing people who would change my life forever.I found a career. Then I found my passion.I owe this to one place. Oakley.

Today, in the strangest TGIF ever, I will walk out the doors of the "big grey bunker on the hill" for the last time. It is a bittersweet time and in honor of that I have decided to dedicate today's post to 3 things I have learned during my time at here.

Tackling your fears can lead to some of the most excruciating & invigorating moments of your life.


Thanks to a team of 8 individuals who not only love thrill seeking but apparently also loved seeing what this girl looks like when terrified I crossed off so many things on my "I've Never" list. There was the time I cried upon receiving a death waiver before white water rafting and then cursed my way down a river in Vail, CO. (It was truly the most terrifying moment of my life.)

Then there was the time I screamed my way down a zip line in Big Sky, MT and was affectionately nick named "HSMF" by the guides. (I cannot and will not define what those initials stand for.) But just imagine what it feels like to be hanging hundreds or more feed above the ground just flying through the air when heights are one of you biggest fears ever and imagine the words that might be slipping out loudly and frequently and you will probably get the drift. (don't event get me started about being left alone on a chair lift!)

Of course there were more adventures from indoor sky diving to fly fishing, glamping, a half marathon, running in general and more. I might be the most scared person in the world with all of these things, but I did them. I will never have to wonder "what if" and what an amazing life lesson that has been. 

1 person, giving you 1 chance can change your life!

That person for me was "Becky Wilkinson". She took a chance on me in 2004 and then proceeded to keep giving me chances. It was because of her I got a passport and was able to travel to places I really never even dreamed I would go. It was because of her I had a career. It was because of her I went back to college. It was because of her I learned what I was capable of. It was because of her I learned what a smart, savvy and accomplished woman looks like in business.

People can say what they want but she was the boss that was okay with me being outspoken, aggressive and driven. She nurtured that and that was the first time my life changed at Oakley.

The toughest moments  bring you to the best moments.

Not every moment was good. In fact some were awful. This is true of all relationships and that is definitely how I would define my time there, a relationship. Some days pure bliss. Other day's not so much.

Oakley is a place to find your pasion.
— Jim Jannard - Founder

But in those tough moments I I learned more than I probably even know. The last few years were rough. It is hard to be away from your support system. I felt beat up and tired and some days I didn't want to get out of bed but I did. My boss told me that he had never seen someone get hit so many times that would dust herself off, shed a tear or two and then get up and do what had to be done. I never saw myself that way but I think he was right. These challenges showed ME just how much gumption I have. 

The quote from Jim above is right. I found my passion at Oakley. I'm not meant to live it out with there but will forever be grateful for all that I got from my time with such an iconic brand.Finding this passion and my purpose was the second time my life changed because of Oakley.

Today is not an ending. It is the start of the next chapter where I get to take everything I learned & apply it to my purpose. Butterflies are already going bizerk in my stomach. I'm ready! As always, let me know what you think. Comment here or on social media.


P.S. Today's P.S. is a 4th thing. That's right it's a true Ginsu Knife infomercial "That's not all" moment. Here it is.

Best Friends can be found in the strangest places!


Some of my BEST friends were found the first day I walked into Oakley. I gathered a few more amazing ones along the way but these first 6 ladies, we had something unique that lived in one of those bubbles of time that cannot be replicated. Some have drifted away while other's are still putting up with me but the ladies in this picture taught me a tremendous amount about friendship and made me a much better person. Technically, this was probably the second time my life was changed by Oakley but I didn't want to put them out of order so let's just agree to call it the third time my life was changed because of Oakley.

Three life changes in one place is not a bad way to spend your time. #fabsevenforlife