Friday's Three Things - Speaking Part 1...

I have finally settled into this whole blogging thing and I realized that I have yet to really speak about what I love, so for today's 3 things I thought I would discuss my 3 favorite things to speak on. You see, speaking (storytelling) is really what I love. There is something about being able to teach, and relate to a crowd that is so exciting for me.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose”
— Dolly Parton

Because this subject could get very long in the tooth...I will spend the next three Fridays to complete this post. (I realize this is technically cheating the "3 Things" concept but I also know that you don't have time to read a super long post. So here are the three

The buying habits of women & how education, employment & cultural changes have shifted the way we live & spend.

Consumer segments & marketing effectively once you know your target audience.

Purpose, passion & drive and how we not just find them but pursue and succeed at them.

I guess I should start with the first topic I really spoke about. In the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to speak at sales meetings for a number of companies. They were all AWFUL! I'm serious, like real knee shaking, voice quivering and high speed speaking AWFUL! I have video proof of a practice session is which I literally broke down in tears in front of all of my bosses) It was like that nightmare you have where you walk into work/school naked. (wait is that just me?)

Then I found myself planning an event and before I knew it I realized I had committed to speaking. What was I thinking? Granted, the audience was very small (though size of audience had never calmed my nerves before).I had to get in front of 6 separate small groups in a row.

This is the actual picture of that first group and moment.

This is the actual picture of that first group and moment.

This time I spoke on something a little more interesting to me. The weirdest thing happened, my knees didn't buckle, my voice didn't quiver and I spoke in an even slow tone. (not like ridiculously slow but a proper pace). I was having fun. I looked at the audience and they were having fun too. WHAT? I couldn't believe I got to do this 5 more times that day.

By the closing day 3 I ended up on a stage in front of the whole larger group not one but 4 times on a variety of other topics. Still no nerves. so weird. After this, audience members asked me to come visit them and do the presentation for their staff. WHAT? 

They did, so I spent the next 4 months traveling the country speaking in front of groups and the groups kept getting bigger and bigger. Each time it was so enjoyable. Then on a stage in North Carolina, the moment came. I like to say it was a day when my outfit was amazing, my hair and makeup were fierce and the audience was laughing in all the right places. When it was over I walked off the stage and had this silent moment of awe. It was in that moment I realized THIS IS IT! THIS IS WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO DO.

This is when a slight terror started to come my way. What do I do now?

Check in next Friday to see what happened next! And if you've found your passion, tell me what it is? Love to see and hear other's people's purpose.