Friday's Three Things - Speaking Part 2

As a reminder, last Friday I started a series on what I love to do...SPEAKING. Basically, it is a series to let you know how I came to finding what I love and why I do it.

When we left off last Friday, we went from speaking about women's shopping habits. After my realization that speaking was my purpose, things got strange. Strange because my whole life I searched for this moment but here I was, finally at the point of knowing and I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out...

agh...what the heck am i supposed to do now?

I mean, where do you find a job on google to be a speaker? What's more, where do you go find a job on google that specialized in subjects about and for women? What do I even have to say? Will people even listen? I am not normally someone who get's stumped but admittedly I was stumped.

And though I'm not proud of it, I kind of thought about it a lot more than I did anything about it. I mean, I did keep speaking, which actually brought it's own surprises. When I found my "thing", I thought the only way I could do it was if it did focus on women but for quite awhile after that moment I spoke about a ton of topics and most of them had nothing specifically to do with women. The crazy thing? I still liked doing it. I liked the research that went behind fine tuning your subject matter, and deciding how to make boring subjects sound less boring. I mean, a boring speaker? That would be the worst. (a little over-exaggeration maybe but have you been to a boring speech? YIKES!)

So I decided to talk about what I knew and what I knew/know is marketing. I spoke merchandising, marketing planning, training, target consumers and consumer market segments. As I said, it was actually fun. Who knew?

So, why am I telling you this and why is it part 2 of the series? I tell you this because it is part of the journey just like discovering your passion. This part of the journey is figuring out what it is about what you do that you like and why you like it. It is also about getting up and deciding that it may not look the way you imagined it at first and that is how you know it is real. 

People seem to use the saying "if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life" as if it means that once you find what you love, everything will be easy. That is SO not so. Let me tell still have to work and hustle to make it a reality. Yes, it is hard I've got a little secret to tell is also the fun part.

Don't forget to check out part 3 of the series next Friday. In the meantime, have you learned a lesson on the way to your purpose? Share it with me below in the comments.