giving the world a reason to dance by taking back the internet and doing something great

I have a confession to make. I have watched more than a few videos on YouTube of cats, puppies and babies doing hilarious things. I can't help it, people post them and I get sucked in. I also sometimes follow weird people on Instagram. But more often than that I follow awesome people.

One of the most awesome, is the team of Robby Novak and Brad Montague...aka...

kid president

Every October these two encourage the world to use the internet to make the world more awesome and give it a reason to dance by helping the homeless people in our communities. they call it...


Rather than me tell you all about it, I thought I would let KP do it for me. watch this

For the last two years I have joined Kid President, Soul Pancake and millions of others to help make the world more awesome with socks. Like many others I started my own sock drive at work and collected them from all over the company, even from people I had never met. It was amazing to see everyone getting involved around a common cause that was doing good in the world. So this year, I am back at it and I'm asking you to join. Below is how you can help.

Last year thousands of socks were collected from people all over the globe and of course, we gotta make this year even better. It is a small thing we can all do to help support people who have less than us. It may not seem like much at first but small acts of kindness end up making big changes to our world. 

So you see what you can do, and you now know what it is all about so it's time to make change happen. #socktober