if you can't think of anything nice to say, you're not thinking hard enough. it's National do something nice day

Apparently today is "National Do Something Nice Day". I say apparently because even though my research did in fact find information about the day, I was unable to find any information on its origin. Weird but kind of cool. It makes sense that someone who created a day all about kindness wouldn't be concerned with getting glory for it.

Maybe today hasn't been the best day for you. You woke up late because your alarm didn't go off, traffic was ridiculous, you stepped in a puddle and then a car drove by and splashed water all over your favorite outfit and then work is just...well...crummy. Imagine being at the end of that kind of day and needing to go to the grocery store (because all bad days include an empty refrigerator and/or emplty gas tank, I have no idea why this is) but imagine for a second that this is your scenario today. Suddenly the person in front of you let's you go before them or maybe the car before you paid your gas before you even filled your tank. How amazing would that feel? It is this idea that no matter how bad your day is, the smallest kindness can turnt he whole thing around.

So the only thing you really need to know is that today is that somebody is having a crummy day. But most of us are strong proud individuals who don't want to burden anyone with that day so we keep a stiff upper lip and just do everything we can to get through the day. When you know this and know that the simplest kindness might not mean much to you but it could mean the world to somebody else. It is for this reason it makes sense that we should be kind every day but assuming this just doesn't happen, which is probably a good assumption with all the things going on in our world today, being kind to everyone gives you infinite possibilities to be the reason somebodies day turns from good to bad.

Here is the kicker...it doesn't even have to be anything major. Here are a few small ideas from Kid President that take very little time out of your day but could make all the difference in someone else's.

a few extra from me to you...

  • did you know that some people have NEVER had a clown cone? This should be rectified, what better day than today?

  • help someone carry their groceries to the car

  • Leave a note on somebodies car to tell them what an awesome job of parking they did (I got this one from Kid President and I love it)

  • hold doors open for people

  • compliment people

  • put your phone down for an entire conversation, look in their eyes, give them non-verbal feedback...WOAH...this one could be huge

  • give up your seat to someone who may need it more

  • call your MOM...it will turn her day around for sure

  • call your DAD...we always forget to call our Dad's 

  • for either of the above DO NOT TEXT them, make a real call with words and laughs

  • If you are near your parents, take them out for happy hour, catch up with them and pick up the check....they'll love it

  • make your co-workers get up and have a 30 second dance party, they'll resist at first but then totally get into...I mean, who wouldn't

  • tell someone a silly joke...it doesn't even have to be good

  • never underestimate the power of a smile

OH...and don't forget it is SOCKTOBER, so why not stock up some socks and donate to your nearest homeless shelter or make little hygiene care packs with snacks and self care items and keep them in your car and give them to a panhandler on the street instead of ignoring them. When you do this, don't forget to look them in they eye and say a kind word.

To hammer in the point, here is another KP video on "how we can change the world". 

Be nice to each other today. Tell me what kindness you are going to do today in the comments below. It might give someone else a good idea.

Till next time.