jiminy cricket is a liar too.

Jiminy Cricket lied to us!

I should have probably followed that with some eerie dum dum dum" music for a more dramatic effect.

Sure he was best buds with Pinocchio (also a liar by the way) and he was really good at making it all sound amazing.

when you wish upon a star
makes not difference who you are
anything your heart desires
will come to you.
— When You Wish Upon A Star from Disney's Pinnochio

That's great and all, plus it's a very catchy tune but a wish is all it takes? I don't think so.

We live in a "wishing culture" and it's destroying our potential. Controversial, I suppose but I stick by my statement. Let me explain.

From our earliest memories we are taught to wish. Blow out your birthday candles "make a wish". See a shooting star, "make a wish". Write a letter to Santa Clause, "make a wish". Find one of those wishers in a field, "make a wish". In the U.S we put a lot of stock in wishes and dreams, heck our saying is "living the American dream." 

We are still a country of dreamers but something happened along the way, between the "greatest generation" and now. The dreams are still there, but the actions have fallen out of favor. The discussions of American ingenuity and hard work seem to have gone to the wayside. You can find motivational speakers, websites, tv shows, life coaches, books, music that inspires us to dream and wish for something better but where are the same people, places and things telling us that the wish is just the beginning?

the wish is just the beginning 

A wish is just that, but when you combine a wish with drive, dedication and HUSTLE, wishes become reality. Isn't that what we want? to make dreams come true just like Jiminy sang? The song is deceiving because it tells us that ALL we need to do is wish. If only it were that easy.

Anderson Cooper was on Oprah awhile back and said a quote that has always stuck with me; "Hope, is not a plan."  I remember at the time, writing the quote down because it was so simple and elegant but so on point. 

Hope, faith, wishing are crucial to survival, in my opinion. We can all wish for more, wish we could be or do something different, hope for a better life but until there is a plan in place, it is just something nice to think about from time to time in between life moments.

We have to be the architects of our wishes. We have to take the first step. Some lucky people get nudged but for most of us, we actually have to learn to walk towards are wishes. All it takes is one step. It can be big, or small, it doesn't really matter. I mean baby steps are still steps, so why not take one and see what happens." There is magic in taking steps towards something wonderful.

We struggle with moving forward. I suppose it's kind of like learning to walk for the first time, we're afraid of falling. But what are we going to do, never walk? NO, so we get up and we get a bruise or two (for us clumsier people maybe more than two.) But once we walk, we get to run!

So,  I want to challenge you. Next time you see a shooting star, admit to having a birthday, write to Santa or come across a wisher when you're on a walk, make your wish. But before you open your eyes, make sure the wish comes with a promise to take that one baby step towards making the wish happen. What do you have to lose? Bruises heal, missed opportunities however stick with us forever.

I want to apologize for putting Jiminy Cricket on blast. I didn't mean to hurt him or that beautiful song. Wishes do come true but not with out a a few bruises, sweat and tears but I suppose that doesn't make for a good fairy tale, does it.  I think I'm gonna go for a walk, till next time.