law & order svu, pinot noir, trees and asking favors from good peeps

What I have learned.

Red Rose Winery - Amity Oregon August 2015

Red Rose Winery - Amity Oregon August 2015

I have been back in my hometown for a little over 5 months now. It seems impossible that so much time has passed. This time has been so different from the typical adult life I was used to. Working from home, not having to go to an office every day and actually spending some time here as if I were a tourist. It's been pretty cool and I have learned a lot. Instead of the usual rigmarole of my posts I thought I would share with all of you what I have learned in the last 5 months of pseudo unemployment/building my own business.

vacation in your hometown.

Lincoln City, Oregon May 2015

Lincoln City, Oregon May 2015

Treating your home like you are on vacation is pretty cool. Sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday that we wait till we have out of town visitors to explore all the cool things around us. I live in Portland and that means that there are a ton of cool things to do. I have probably experienced more Oregon Pinot in the last 5 months than in the entire time I have lived here and most of them are literally minutes away from my doorstep. How did I waste all these years. I have a new found appreciation for the Oregon Coast with its rugged coast line and cool breezes. (Big Ups to the Coho Lodge) . There is definitely something to finding out what all the buzz is about in your own back yard.

Trees are beautiful.

Forest Park, Portland Oregon April 2015

Forest Park, Portland Oregon April 2015

Not just any kind of beautiful. I'm talking about a mind altering kind of beautiful. Why more people don't stop and look up at trees is beyond me. Lucky me, I live in the land of trees. Look up. I mean really look up, trust me it's pretty cool.

Law and Order SVU is the tv equivalent to crack.

This is both awesome and horrible at the same time, especially when working from home. How they can make all of those episodes so fascinating is crazy. What I learned though is this...If you have anything to do DO NOT turn on TNT in the afternoon. Trust me, I am helping you manage your time here.

Get up and move. 

I am horrible at following this and hence have maybe or maybe not picked up a bit of weight since coming home. I promise, I'm working on it. I am setting reminders to get up from the computer and "take a lap" if you will. Work from a coffee shop, a book store or even a local winery. (what? I'm exploring options, don't judge). As I type this and look at my stepper I realize I better practice what I preach.

People are amazing.

This might sound weird for me to say that I have learned this recently but people are really amazing. They show up when you least expect them and they show up in such wonderful ways. Strangers and friends alike show you their colors all of the time and I think we sometimes ignore that. What I have really learned is that it is okay to ask them to be amazing. I have spent much of my adult life unwilling to ask people for what I need because I never wanted to put anyone out. Now, I see it differently. So many people far and wide have reached out to me as I tackle this adventure. I'm not embarrassed to admit than many of these small acts of kindness have reduced me to a puddle of tears. Good tears, mind you but tears all the same. You never know how many people out there really do think and care for you because all we see day in and day out is news and stories of awful things done by people. It really is a shame. 

To everyone who has reached out to me, or said a kind word, liked a post, pulled up this website in any way, followed me on social media, called, sent letters, emailed me etc. The only thing I can say is thank you. You have made it possible for me to vacation at home looking up at amazing trees and closer to amazing people. 

Learning is great! Thanks for helping me do it.  What have you learned so far this year? Tell me below...



P.S. One other thing I have learned. I am needy. I love to hear from people who read the blog or check out the site. Seriously, I'm not afraid to say it out loud. That means I wait all day to see how many people check it out and if anyone left a comment, or liked me on social media. I never knew what a pull this type of feeling had one me until I started this site. So....since I am not longer afraid to ask for things from my peeps I have an ask.  Like, Comment, share with your friends, co-workers, even the people in line with you at the grocery store, follow me on social media, hire me. Heck, do it all, I have no shame!