i got it from my mama...

Yesterday was Mother's Day and in honor of such a glorious day I decided to do my Mom a solid, and take a slight code of silence. Rather than me blabbing on, I am sharing two great video's about good old Mom that say everything I would ever want to say but in a much more delightful and hilarious way.

top 10 things i learned from my mama

Ok, I may have told a little bit of a fib. How could I end the blog with out at least a small amount of speaking. I decided to piggy back on my main man Kid President and provide a Top Ten List.

  1. never accept a drink from a stranger
  2. never give out a fake phone number
    1. better yet...just don't do anything fake at all
  3. always use your baby powers for good
  4. never trust a man in a shiny shirt
  5. if it brings you joy...then why the heck not?
  6. wine & chocolate are very delicious
  7. today's generation got screwed when it comes to cartoons
  8. have one signature dish you are known for...then nobody needs to know you can't cook
  9. short skirts, high heels & cute hats will bring all the boys to the yard
    1. it's no milkshake but trust me it still works
  10. there is very little that can compete with a good glass of wine, a sunny day & a book

happy mother's day

So, to my Mom and all of the other Mom's out there, I hope yesterday was wonderful and you felt spoiled by those that get spoiled by you every other day of the year.