never trust a man in a shiny shirt & more sisterly advice

Oh, hey! Couldn't get enough of the sisterly advice so you came back? YES? NO? IF no then go back and read it so you can catch up. What are you waiting for?sisterly advice part 1

And now for part 2 and the next 5 tips...

never go to a doctor whose office plants have died

The meaning behind this should be obvious.  I mean, dead plants probably equal a few dead patients or so, but heck what do I know.

As a side note, this does not however mean you are expected to keep plants alive.  Jeez, you're young and busy.  Who has time to keep fancy plants alive?  Pick up a cactus and call it a day.

never compare your inside with someone else’s outside

People are liars.  They pretend all of the time.  It isn’t right but it is reality.  If you know what you want based on you and only you, it is easy to stop the comparison game.  Who cares what the Kardashian’s are wearing or what Diddy is driving.  Eventually they’re all going to try and copy your style anyway so as Kevin Hart would say “stay in your own lane”  that is how you will win the race.

never trust a man in a shiny shirt

I actually tell any and everyone I know this piece of advice and some simply laughed it off.  But I am here to tell you this is solid advice.It shows poor judgement to dress like that so it begs the question "where else do they show bad judgement?"

It is up to you to judge the level of shininess to allow but below is what I deem as off limits:

shiny shirts are always a bad idea

shiny shirts are always a bad idea

  • Sequins

  • Gold lame

  • Crushed velvet

  • Leather – either as a shirt of pants – vest and jackets are okay in most instances

  • Feathers

  • Ed Hardy and brands like it.

yes, those are pretty amazing underoos that I am wearing

yes, those are pretty amazing underoos that I am wearing

always wear clean underpants

Mother's have been saying it for years and I am convinced thy are right. You should also take special care to ensure you can lunge in them. It allows you to be ready for anything that the day brings

BONUS ADVICE:  Maybe don't lunge in your underroos while wearing a super hero outfit and let people take pictures

never play truth or dare unless you are willing to be completely naked

no further description needed and no picture either. Jeez, just who do you think I am?

Ok, that was your second chance to take some pretty good sisterly advice. Come back Friday for the final 5 and share it with others. We can all use a little advice now and then. Pick your faves or share them all.