power of a smile

Today is National Power of the Smile Day. Well, according to the internet. This same site couldn't find any details Having a day about the power of smiling is a good idea. Except this smile day is different. This one is about the POWER of smiling. How cool is that? 

I believe in the power of a smile and the experts agree with me. Smiling is good for our health. It increases immunity, reduces stress and some say even adds years to your life expectancy.  Smiling changes your mood and even makes you look more attractive.  And you can't tell me that seeing the smile of a kid doesn't make you feel wonderful which is a very powerful feeling.

Maybe you don't believe in stuff like this, even when research is there to back it up. That is okay. Everyone has the right to their opinion. But here is the thing...think about how you feel when you smile. Heck, think about how you feel when people smile at you. It's like a drug. You can't help but feel powerful.

And here is the thing, power is what we all need. Not the whole Pinky & the Brain take over the world kind of power. I mean confidence, self worth, empathy and kindness. That is real power. It makes the world a better place for you and the people around you. If you need more proof, check out the infographic below. Some cool info.

Have a great day, and I hope you look for smiles and that they make you feel powerful.