what happened this week?

This week has been an interesting one for women and sports so for today's post I am going to keep it simple and share three amazing things in the world of sports that happened this week.

Wednesday was the 43rd anniversary of Title IX. Title IX didn't just change the world of sports for women, it can be said that it was the catalyst for much more. I speak on Title IX often and the fact that it finally gave women a place to experience competition, team work and the drive to succeed in something beyond patriarchal expectations. For this reason I share with you this article from ESPN about the "9 Things we Wouldn't Have Without Title IX"

Another amazing thing that happened this week is Melissa Mayeux. Don't know her? Well she is a 16 year old from France who just made history in the United States. She has become the first woman to be added to the Major League Baseball's international registration list. This doesn't automatically mean that she will one day play in the big leagues, it is a huge step in that direction and she is only 16. Imagine what could be. 

The last thing is a little different. It is two of my favorite people for telling it like it is who got together to put someone in their place in a respectful and hilarious way. This week a sports writer by the name of Andy Benoit decided to tweet his feelings about women in sports with the following three Tweets.


Well Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler to the rescue. Amy made a visit to the set of her old friends show Late Night with Seth Meyers to revive one of their best skits from SNL, REALLY with Seth & Amy. Check it out below.

What's the point of this post? The point is to get this type of news into the lexicon. Things are happening for women in sports and that means something not just for sport but for our culture. It is the continuation of Title IX, it is the continuation of equality and equal pay movements. Anything we can do to bring that dialog to the forefront is a win.