5 words

words, words, all kinds of words... i put my thing down, flip it & reverse it

Ok, so I realize that those are the lyrics from 2 different Missy Elliott songs, but whatever, it got your attention, didn't it?

I love words. It seems weird to me that we don't pay more attention to words in our every day lives. Words change, explain,  comfort and at times even confuse but at the end of the day our lives are surrounding by words. Many use words to tear down and destroy people, places and things, which is very unfortunate. On the other hand, some people use words to lift up other people and bring positivity where there otherwise may not have been any.

It is because of this that I believe in borrowing a few words for yourself that you can lean on, words that can inspire you...

words you can live by.

It is because of this that years ago I decided to choose a few words that best represented me as a person. I called the exercise "5 words". The words change from time to time as I change, which is what should happen. So here they are as of today...

my 5 words...

Art work provided by:    Ponder and Muse (Kristin Crocker)

Art work provided by: Ponder and Muse (Kristin Crocker)

Here's the thing, it isn't always easy to "live life in an exclamation point". You need help. Having words that remind me of who I am and what I want out of life, keeps me in the exclamation point.

Check out below to hear more about the concept of 5 words and then tell me...

what are your 5 words?

tell me in the comments below...

time to turn it on

It is time for us to turn it up a notch on our manifesto's. I know I took a little break and for that you have my apologies. The truth is I hit a road block while building mine. 

I had gathered images, quotes, different pieces of inspiration but it didn't feel right. Has there ever happened to you? You are cruising, everything is going great and then.


You go blank. Well that has been me for the last couple of weeks when ever my manifesto came to mind.  I felt like I had let you all down until I realized that this was probably a very normal moment. 

Years ago I was in Vegas at a trade show. I was going through a rough time and felt a little lost. I met with a colleague from another company. She was this young, hip, stylish lady who just seemed like she had it all together. We sipped on margaritas as she listened to my sad story of the moment. Once I completed, she looked up from her straw and said

"dawne, you just need to recalibrate."

Recalibrate, what a great word. In case you are wondering, I have a small little obsession with words. I even offer a session called "5 Words" that focuses on how words can set you up for success.

Remembering that moment, I realized that maybe that was exactly what I needed to do regarding my manifesto. I needed to recalibrate and take a moment to redirect my efforts. I did a little meditation session, took a few walks, reading books, writing in my journal and being at peace with the fact that for the time being I wasn't working on my manifesto, in fact I wasn't working on much at all. At first I felt guilty, then I realized if this is what I needed then I should feel guilty if I DIDN'T do it.

Now I realize, not everyone can just "take a break" from their life, especially for a manifesto project they read about on a blog. But a break, doesn't have to be a week or even a full day, but it is crucial that we all recognize when we NEED to take a moment and recalibrate. How you do it is irrelevant, it just matters that you do it. Most of us get so worked up and busy with the daily rigmarole of our lives that suddenly we look up and realize we are sick, tired, unhappy and a host of other awful words that don't describe the life we imagined.

So for this Friday, I want to tell you that we are back on track with our manifesto project. There is no specific timeline we need to follow, it is pretty free flowing. The one thing I do ask of everyone, is that you take a moment. Don't wait to take it until it is urgent. Try to figure out a space in your day/week to take a moment for you. Use it to do what works for you, maybe it's a walk, maybe it's a bath, maybe it's a pedicure. It doesn't matter. Take it and while you are doing it remember...

no guilt!

taking care of ourselves should always be a number one priority. 

We can not truly make anyone else a priority if we don't first make ourselves one. It. sounds cliche, I realize that but sometimes those cliche's were created for a reason. What I feel pretty confident about thought is the following:

When you put yourself first other's reap the rewards.