Kermit the Frog

that'll do pig

Today for "woman crush wednesday" I am choosing Miss Piggy. Some might think this is an unconventional but those people don't know Piggy. She was recently honored with the "Sackler Center First Award" from the Elizabeth A. Sackler CEnter for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum.  Can I get a HECK YEAH!

Miss Piggy has been at the forefront of the "I am Woman, Hear me Roar" movement from the beginning. She never let Kermie define her. She always had an opinion and has always been fabulous.  Add to all of that the fact that she is un-apologetically who she is at all times and It is about time we talk about her.  

I believe that any woman who refuses to accept society’s preconceived notions of who or what they can be is a feminist. I believe any woman who is willing to struggle, strive — and if necessary learn karate — to make their mark in the world is a feminist. And, yes, I believe that any woman, who cares about her appearance, her star billing and most especially her percentage of the gross, is a feminist.
— Miss Piggy

This award is given to women who have "Broken barriers and chartered changes in all disciplines and areas.  Piggy gets to share this honor with such amazing women as; Toni Morrison, Julie Taymor and Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day.

Rather than me tell you how ahead of the curve Miss Piggy is, I am going to let her tell you. Upon receiving this honor, Piggy wrote an opp ed piece for Time Magazine and it is a must read. (click on any of the images to see the full article).

Go check out Piggy's full letter by clicking any of her pictures on this page. Once you do, pretty sure you will be crushing hard.