The Written Runway all about it, this girl's got style ya'll

I don't know if you know this or not but I'm not always considered "fashionable". You're shocked aren't you? I know, I am too. I love fashion, don't get me wrong. I love picking out outfits and putting them together but I guess when you are more comfortable in sweats and flip-flops than spanx and heels you don't exactly build a reputation for being "super stylish".

That being said, the fashion world is taking notice of little old me. Oh, yeah, you read that right. In October I had the honor of speaking for Fashion Group International of Greater DC. The catch is, I wasn't actually speaking about what I was wearing, although I guess I should be happy it wasn't some sort of "Fashion Police" or "What Not To Wear" sneak attack. (Although, how cool would it be to meet Clinton Kelly? YES PLEASE, I love him.)


Anyway...I got to speak to a group of retailers, designers and business owners about the mysteries behind the business of retailing in a fashion world. We talked about consumer segments, social media, merchandising and the challenges of small retailers in an increasingly online world. To add to this, FGIDC and their members put together a stellar panel of experts and asked me to moderate as they shared their experiences and challenges in the industry.  

Talking to the group about the rise of women in the economy and how it influences the way they retail.

Talking to the group about the rise of women in the economy and how it influences the way they retail.

My outfit might not have been totally up to par but I'm working on it with the help of The Written Runway so look out fashion world I'm coming for you.

In the mean time, check out the awesome write up from FGIDC that they posted this week. Maybe titling this post,  "this girl's got style" was a little overzealous but I had to get your attention somehow right?

Hope you're crushing the goal challenge this week. Don't forget to check out all the posts in December and join the challenge with us.

Click here to read the article and check out all of the awesome stuff Fashion Group International in Greater DC is doing. Special thanks to the team at FGIDC, the panel of experts and the city of DC for a fun and informative session. Shout out to    AnDCreatives Duo    for the great images and video.

Click here to read the article and check out all of the awesome stuff Fashion Group International in Greater DC is doing. Special thanks to the team at FGIDC, the panel of experts and the city of DC for a fun and informative session. Shout out to AnDCreatives Duo for the great images and video.

crushing close to home

It's Woman Crush Wednesday. I am featuring someone a little more close to home this week. As you may remember, the goal of this series is to feature women who are pushing the boundaries and following their purpose with hustle, grit and grace. 

Right now I can think of no one better fitting that category than the curator of The Written Runway. This blog/site was started as a way to share a love of fashion and make it tangible off the runway for people in their every day lives.

The muse is Ambyr, a FIDM graduate, stylist, social media expert, writer and overall fashion junkie. You can learn all about her at the site. What I am going to write about is why she is my crush this week and why you should crush on her too.

In today's world it is sadly difficult to find people who truly do hustle. I am talking about the type of person who isn't just chasing money, they aren't asking for other people to do all of the hard work. The people I am talking about dig in with both hands and those hands get dirty. They do whatever it takes to follow their purpose. It is not always easy. In fact most of the time it is actually very hard, but this type of person keeps after it anyway. That is the type of woman Ambyr is. 

She grew up in a farm/wine town in Oregon. It was a small upbringing but Ambyr never was small. From her earliest moments she always had a fire to her. She would demand things that other kids were too afraid to ask for. It was almost as if she knew that if she didn't speak up from the start then she never would. So she did.

Ambyr was always one to be on the edge of fashion trends from her earliest days. So as she graduated high school and was deciding which direction to go nobody was surprised to see her choose to go to California. While in there she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). She did this on her own, while holding down a full time job and living over an hour away from the school. It wasn't easy. There were many tears shed, many nights of little to no sleep. But she persevered. 

Once she graduated, she found the real world to be a lot less kinder than expected. Jobs in fashion look very glamorous on screen and in print, but the reality is often much different. Lots of girls with dreams of fashion come to Los Angeles. In my experience, a lot of those girls do NOT come from humble beginnings. Yes, some most certainly do, but a lot of the girls I saw around Ambyr at this time were being taken care of financially by parents and family members. They were able to take these jobs for very little pay where as oftentimes other girls can't.

Here is the thing about that though. Those girls may have been willing to accept a lower salary but the employers had to accept a lower quality of work. Ambyr on the other hand had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Yet her energy level and work ethic never faltered. She was able to work with a number of different celebrity stylists and learn from experts in her field. She earned a reputation as a hard working, passionate and kind person who would treat your business as if it was her own.  

If that wasn't enough, at this time she also started her own blog/website, The Written Runway. This was a way for her to interact with the world of fashion on her own terms, through her own brand. Blogs are very popular, many people do them, HECK, you're reading mine right now. Her's is different though. She could have monetized her site in many ways that would help her financially but she has been very particular with who she wants to partner with. She doesn't want to dilute her message. She wants to provide an honest commentary on how she sees fashion. 

Luckily for her, people have noticed. in 2013 she moved to Washington DC where she was able to secure opportunities with a number of people in the industry and build up her skill set even more. Working with Fashion Group International, TAA PR, The Vogue Bloggers Network, The Independent Fashion Blogger Association as well as many more. 

mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously:

She is my WCW because quit isn't in her vocabulary. She isn't where she wants to be yet, and as a young person that can be very demotivating, but it's almost as if she can see something in the distance and so she keeps running. FORTITUDE, I think that's what they call it. and a crush is definitely what I have.

Oh, and did I mention that Ambyr is my sister? I might have failed to mention it before on purpose. I didn't want you to think I was biased. My guess is after reading this and check out her site, that is not a concern you will have.

Today I am at the Women in Sports & Events (WISE) Synposium so stay tuned to hear all about it Friday,

friday's 3 favorite things...what made you smile on social media this week?

Happy Friday! If you are a regular reader or even a regular social media follower, you will know that I often talk about putting positive content into the world. We are indundated with content from every direction. We have music, television, movies, social media and beyond. It doesn't matter how hard we try, we can't escape getting hit over the head with content whether we like it or not.

Unfortunatley, a lot of that content is negative and being surrounded by negativity can get very exhausting. There is a saying Negativity begats Negativity. Heavy right? But the good news is this.

positive minds lead positive lives

Taking from that I wanted to share some people using social media in positive and fun ways. These are just three of my favorite posts this week.

Who doesn't love Amy Poehler? Not only is she smart and funny but she is using her celebrity for good with Amy's Smart Girls where they not only help young girls but they use the internet to spread positive imagery, words and energy of girls and women everywhere.

Here is a snipped from the website and if it doesn't convince you that this belongs on my list today, then...well I don't know.

"The Smart Girls organization is dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to so much tat is being marketed to young people on the internet.




Our motto is: Change the World by Being Yourself."


The Written Runway is a great site dedicated to fashion and lifestyle topics. While it does not focus only on women, it's lean towards women and portraying strong visual of images of them through fashion will get you excited to get back in your closet. 

She loves fashion so much, she even gets her dog Bentley into the mix. She swears he loves it. How awesome is his birthday pic?

Here is how she describes her mission;

"In 2011 Ambyr broke off and began The Written Runway. This creative outlet has allowed her to share her love of runway fashion, how to adapt it into every day style and inspire others to express their talents"  


The next one is a little bit of self promotion and for that I apologize but as I said this is a list of my favorite things on social media this week. of my favorite things was getting the opportunity to represent Girls Inc. PNW. If it isn't clear yet, I believe in lifting up girls and women. I think the future will be determined by strong smart women. If I have any chance to be a part of this movement then I am going to take it.

If you are not familiar with Girls Inc. and it's local affiliates here is a their vision:

"Our vision is empowered girls and an equitable society. Our mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold."

That's it, three positive social media posts to end your week on a good note and get you pumped for the weekend. They may even introduce you to some new people to follow.

P.S. You thought I was actually going to finish with 3 things huh? Come on, you know I can never leave it at that. I probably should change the number of things I want to talk about on Friday's. 

To apologize I share this, which quite frankly was really my favorite image from social media this week. My sister-in-law and new baby nephew in a moment that just looks like pure bliss. That is not only a positive image but one that looks like pure love.

If being an aunt is this awesome after just one month, I cannot wait to see what happens when this kid starts laughing and I can teach him some really great stuff...