we have to be better...

Yesterday The President of the United States joined Twitter. His goal is to continue with more transparency with the public. 

Upon tweeting for the first time, a number of people decided to greet him with what can only be described as hate. Using derogatory and racist language.

As you know my goal here is to focus on positive content that lifts up other people. So I am not going to post these tweets here or even give any more attention to them than the sentence above.

So, why am I mentioning it at all? It is simple really, I believe in speaking out and speaking up. I am NOT here to argue politics.  I AM here to spread love and positivity. We should all be here to do that. 

We have to BE BETTER.

Regardless of how you feel politically, regardless if it is the President of the United States or your neighbor down the street, we are supposed to love each other. We are supposed to support each other, lift each other up and wish for only good things to happen

People that use their voice to spread negativity do nothing except create more negativity.

SO again, why am I writing this? I realize my thoughts are slightly scattered and for that I apologize but when I saw this on the news I cried, literally cried out loud. How is it that people can be so cruel? How can they hide behind a social media handle? How can this type of negative, racist thinking still exist? Who teaches hate?  

I am writing this to remind people that 


What we do with that voice is a huge responsibility. You get to decide if you use it to change the world for the better or contribute to negativity and hate.

If you never read another word I write, disconnect me from social media, do me one favor.

use your voice for something better.

how will you use your voice?

I will continue to use mine to be a positive voice online and beyond that lifts people up through storytelling and experiences. I will return to normal posting Friday but had to get this off of my mind. Thank you for understanding.