it's never too late to take a step...

It is that time of year when weekends become filled with holiday parties and to do lists. I hope you all had a minute to breathe in all of the hullabaloo. In the course of my buys weekend I may have come down with something. I have the whole swollen and sore gland situation and I am not enjoying it.

For this reason, sadly, today's post will be short and sweet. A few questions to ask yourself as we near the end of the "review" portion of our 31 day goal setting exercise.

What unfinished business did you want to resolve this year and when will you do it? We all say we are going to do things that get put to the side for one reason or another. For many of us there might be a long list of "to do" items that get put to the side. Try and think about what these are for yourself and put some dates to them? Are they things you want to pull into 2016? If, yes, put them aside to include in your goals as we get to that step. If you want to do them sooner than that, you still have 16 days of 2015 to get cracking. Maybe you can't finish but you can at least start and get some headway. What an awesome way to end the year feeling accomplished. 

As you think about these unfinished items, is there a reason you didn't finish them? Were they not important after all? Did you simply procrastinate? Did you have knee surgery and therefore couldn't get to the gym? Did you just forget? Really look at the reasons behind not getting these complete because it will help as we start setting new goals look at the motivation behind what helps you get things done.

I am going to now take some meds and hopefully sleep off this junk. Stay healhty peeps and don't forget to share as always.