do better

enough is enough

I have postponed today's post because I am sad. I think as a country we are all sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Oregon but especially the people of Umpqua Community College and their families. 

 My words will not be sufficient. I will use other's instead.

  • Umpqua Community College is the 45th school shooting THIS YEAR

  • It is the 142nd shooting since Sandy Hook

  • The US is 5% of the World's population but 30% of the world's public mass shootings

  • It is Obama's 15th time at the podium speaking on mass shootings

When will enough be enough? We need to do more. It isn't enough to tweet our disdain, we must demand change from our elected officials, not lip service, but real change.

Tell your elected official that enough is enough today (send a letter, an email or make a call.) Hug your kids today, your parents, your loved ones. Remember to send good thoughts and prayers, a lot of people can use them today.