goals require you put some skin in the game

I know I should have shared my goals with you before the 1st of the year and for that I apologize. If I am being honest, I started to a number of times but realized that like me, most of you probably were busy with friends and family and the hullabaloo that comes with the holiday and might not have the time to read blogs. So, I made the choice to wait until things settled a bit. 

This last step in the process is a little intense so I decided to only share with you one goal from each of my areas of focus. This way, you would be able to see the depth of information you should assign to each goal without getting mired in reading a 20 page blog entry.  

Health & Wellness

To Lose 25 Pounds by April 6, 2016


Walk 10,000 steps or more each day

Eat 9 fruits or vegetables daily

No Fast Food

Quantify Outcome BE SPECIFIC:



to reduce sickness and allergy outbreaks

to be a better example to parents of why health is key

to boost self estee

Attach a Why:



Holding my breath for the inspection this week. - Image Source:    Redfin

Holding my breath for the inspection this week. - Image Source: Redfin

financial stability, growth & flexibility

Buy a house by April 2016


Work directly with financial adviser to allocate funds accordingly

limit wasteful spending - less trips to Target (sad but necessary)

Quantify Outcome BE SPECIFIC:



to create a home base (stability)

investment for future

To stop using frivolous spending as a creature comfort

Attach a Why:

Day of the Girl with Girls Inc. PNW. - Image Source:    @2015 d-talx llc. www.dawnehanks.com

Day of the Girl with Girls Inc. PNW. - Image Source: @2015 d-talx llc. www.dawnehanks.com

purpose & passion

To book 5-10 speaking opportunities by June 2016


Research local organizations, schools & universities for opportunities

Reach out to contacts with press-kit

build video profile on gigsalad and other speaker & experience forums

start writing

Quantify Outcome BE SPECIFIC:

Create base audience for expansion

build experience and connections

opportunity to live my dream

this is where the dream starts - it is the conduit for all other changes & opportunities to happen

Attach a Why:

love & relationships

NOTE: This was the most difficult one for me to work on this year and to share in a public forum. Because of this it may seem the least thought out. Please understand that it is very thought out but I am still working on understanding what this means for me. Like most things in life, it is a serious work in progress.

Meaningful conversations and meetings with loved ones monthly


Talk to people, don't rely on text

Work to meet new people

Call and meet "just because"

no technology distractions

Quantify Outcome BE SPECIFIC:

It's no fun being alone and harder to maintain friendships as we age and people get married and have kids

find someone to share experiences, travel etc. with

to open up and trust more - being open to experiences and people

Attach a Why:

There you have it. A goal for each of my areas of focus in 2016. Hopefully this helps you commit your goals to paper and get 2016 off to a great start. Thanks for sticking with the 31 day goal setting challenge and sharing your experiences with me in the comments, emails and in social media. 2015 was a strange and interesting year. There were a lot of changes in my life with health and work and even location but I know like most storms, clear skies are ahead. Thank you for sticking with me and showing interest in what I have to say and helping be a witness to my adventure. Looking forward to great things in 2016.

maybe it's time to crush on an idea.

Remember as a kid that feeling of having your first crush? It was both awful and exhilarating all at the same time. Where has that feeling gone? I realize part of the rush of the experience is that it was new when we were young but I feel like many people chase that feeling throughout life. It is almost like being an addict and chasing down that first hit and the euphoria it gave you. 

Since the social world has deemed today, "#WCW or Woman Crush Wednesday" it started to think about the idea of having a crush and how we interact with that concept as adults. As we age and get married etc, having a crush on someone can get a little sticky. How can we get the same feeling with out crushing on some cute gal/guy? I was thinking, why not have a crush on an idea instead?  

We could crush on what we want to do next, where you would like to go, someone you would like to meet, something you want to learn etc. When we had those crushes as kids, don't you remember how we acted? We wrote their name down in our notebooks, we day-dreamed about them, wondered if they were thinking about us.

We started doing things out of character like pretending we know how to bake, and maybe get so caught up in the day dream that we forgot that something was in the oven and maybe we burned it.

i mean, i've heard that happens to some people, not me but...

Basically we all created a back story and future story for ourselves where we live happily ever after. What if that same effort were directed at ideas for you and your future? Couldn't that turn into something pretty substantial? All those minutes and hours spent thinking about the what if's of life only now we have the means to do something about it. We know how to put things into action. 

For many years, people used to tell me that I should write a book or a blog. I used to always think they were crazy and then one day I got a crush on the idea.

No joke. I started to ask myself what if and once I did that I thought about it all the time. What would I write about? Who would actually read it? Why would they read it? Would it be any good? After some time having a crush on this idea, it dawned on me that there was no reason I couldn't go after my crush. The only person stopping me was me, so I did it. Small at first of course. I am a walk before I run kinda girl.

It's been a few months and believe or not my crush has gotten stronger. It's what I think about at all hours of the day and night. I've even been known to wake up in the middle of the night freaking out with an idea of something to change or add or even delete. I start thinking that I forgot to say exactly what I meant or maybe I wrote something that could be misinterpreted. 

"there is a huge responsibility that comes along with putting your thoughts out into the universe." - me

In other words I am driving myself crazy. But...it is that good, butterflies in the stomach, dizzy lightheaded feeling you get when your crush looks back at you and for a split second you think "oh my gosh, he just looked at me". I want to pass notes to my friends and readers that say "do you like what I am posting? check the box that applies". Basically I feel like a kid again but in a good way. It is almost like being able to go back in time knowing what I know now and belong able to apply it. It's really exciting.

My guess is that you are now wondering what my point is. The point is that a "crush" can be a lot of different things and it's a good idea to find one. They get endorphin's pumping, make you giggle to yourself sometimes and smile. We all now how powerful a smile is. 

what do you have a crush on? what will you do about it?

jiminy cricket is a liar too.

Jiminy Cricket lied to us!

I should have probably followed that with some eerie dum dum dum" music for a more dramatic effect.

Sure he was best buds with Pinocchio (also a liar by the way) and he was really good at making it all sound amazing.

when you wish upon a star
makes not difference who you are
anything your heart desires
will come to you.
— When You Wish Upon A Star from Disney's Pinnochio

That's great and all, plus it's a very catchy tune but a wish is all it takes? I don't think so.

We live in a "wishing culture" and it's destroying our potential. Controversial, I suppose but I stick by my statement. Let me explain.

From our earliest memories we are taught to wish. Blow out your birthday candles "make a wish". See a shooting star, "make a wish". Write a letter to Santa Clause, "make a wish". Find one of those wishers in a field, "make a wish". In the U.S we put a lot of stock in wishes and dreams, heck our saying is "living the American dream." 

We are still a country of dreamers but something happened along the way, between the "greatest generation" and now. The dreams are still there, but the actions have fallen out of favor. The discussions of American ingenuity and hard work seem to have gone to the wayside. You can find motivational speakers, websites, tv shows, life coaches, books, music that inspires us to dream and wish for something better but where are the same people, places and things telling us that the wish is just the beginning?

the wish is just the beginning 

A wish is just that, but when you combine a wish with drive, dedication and HUSTLE, wishes become reality. Isn't that what we want? to make dreams come true just like Jiminy sang? The song is deceiving because it tells us that ALL we need to do is wish. If only it were that easy.

Anderson Cooper was on Oprah awhile back and said a quote that has always stuck with me; "Hope, is not a plan."  I remember at the time, writing the quote down because it was so simple and elegant but so on point. 

Hope, faith, wishing are crucial to survival, in my opinion. We can all wish for more, wish we could be or do something different, hope for a better life but until there is a plan in place, it is just something nice to think about from time to time in between life moments.

We have to be the architects of our wishes. We have to take the first step. Some lucky people get nudged but for most of us, we actually have to learn to walk towards are wishes. All it takes is one step. It can be big, or small, it doesn't really matter. I mean baby steps are still steps, so why not take one and see what happens." There is magic in taking steps towards something wonderful.

We struggle with moving forward. I suppose it's kind of like learning to walk for the first time, we're afraid of falling. But what are we going to do, never walk? NO, so we get up and we get a bruise or two (for us clumsier people maybe more than two.) But once we walk, we get to run!

So,  I want to challenge you. Next time you see a shooting star, admit to having a birthday, write to Santa or come across a wisher when you're on a walk, make your wish. But before you open your eyes, make sure the wish comes with a promise to take that one baby step towards making the wish happen. What do you have to lose? Bruises heal, missed opportunities however stick with us forever.

I want to apologize for putting Jiminy Cricket on blast. I didn't mean to hurt him or that beautiful song. Wishes do come true but not with out a a few bruises, sweat and tears but I suppose that doesn't make for a good fairy tale, does it.  I think I'm gonna go for a walk, till next time.