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now what? step 2 of writing your manifesto

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Happy Friday everyone. I heard from quite a few of you that you are especially liking the manifesto series. Thank you. Don't forget you can comment below on things you like, or even questions.

So, today we head into the weekend with Step 2. We have spent a week brainstorming, so...

now what?

Well, if you are anything like me, you first have to clean up the gigantic mess you made in your mother's family room. (as evident by the above picture) Oh wait, is that just me? Please tell me you made a mess too. If you don't my Mom will be vindicated after all of these years and I am just not ready for that yet.

i digress.

I have included some pictures to display the progress I made so far as proof that I am not just making this stuff up, I am actually going through the process with you.

Solidarity People!

I have paper cuts and ink all over my hands to prove it. I would not typically fancy myself an artist. I write things down and my doodling leaves little to be desired but a friend of mine from Ponder and Muse is a big doodler and I love her stuff. (she did my logo). We were talking and she said how doodling relaxes her and calms her mind so I said, what the heck and gave it a shot. I can tell you that my doodles are NOT what she does, but I guess doodle has a pretty loose definition.

Gosh, blogs are supposed to be short. Even in the written form I love to talk. ANYWAY...based on the emails I received many people felt they needed more time to brainstorm so I am sharing this post to help get some creative juices going.

Step 2 is all about organization of thoughts anyway. This means that as you are organizing what you want the manifesto to represent that you can still be brainstorming too.

Organize: verb used with object
”to form as or into a whole consisting of interdependent or coordinated parts, especially for united action:”

HUH? This definition is awful. Sorry dictionary, but it is true When I say organize here is what I mean in a few simple steps.

1. Take everything you have saved or written down and lay it out on a table, desk or other work surface. 

2. Group like things together. This could be similar sayings, quotes, actions, images etc.

3. Is anything missing? If so, examine what it is. Did you include all aspects of what you want in life ie. health, happiness, family, money etc. if there is something missing, write down what subject it is referring to.

4. Now you have another week to collect any other thoughts, or missing pieces.  For example, as I was putting together this post, I saw this on Instagram and absolutey felt inclined to put some of this stuff into my final project, though as of yet, I'm not sure what.  How great is this though?

5. This time can also be used to trim the fat. Do you have too much? Can some of the things you have collected be combined. 

Remember, this manifesto is all about you. It will be your guidepost and therefore must truly represent who you are, what you want and where you are going. Be honest with yourself. Make the tough calls and be vulnerable enough to put it all out there. In the end, it is up to you if you want to share it with others. There is no reason you have to. This is about and for YOU and only you. If you decide to share it, all the better. Sharing makes you accountable. 

Ok....enough blabbing. Week 2 and step 2 begins now so get organizing, collection and pulling things together. Next week, we prioritize and get ready to put it all together. YIKES! we are moving fast.

Have a great week. Leave comments below with any questions you may have, general statements, or even funny stories about the process. This is a community for sharing so I want to encourage that we all share our experience.