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the life and times of a pineapple

image found on Pinterest - unsure of original source. 

image found on Pinterest - unsure of original source. 

I'm going to tell you a secret here. I am a curious person by nature. I like to understand how things work and why they happen. That being said, I have never in my life wondered where the pineapple came from. 


I know, crazy, right? How in the world could I not have wondered about where a pineapple. The gall. I've just been wandering around eating this delicious fruit with no thought into its illustrious history. All of the sudden, however, I was noticing pineapples everywhere. Apparently, the pineapple is the new cool thing. I see them on socks, dishes and according to one of the millenials who work for me there is even a style of music called tropical pineapple house. (okay maybe it is just tropical house, I don't really know but for some reason I think it has something to do with actual pineapples...but maybe that is a sign of me not being cool enough to know, oh well.) 

Who knew?

It is very had to ignore pineapples right now. Then, a couple of weeks ago I was out hunting at a local neighborhood garage sale and I came across the most EPIC find. Oh yeah, I found a solid brass pineapple door knocker. I jumped at the chance to make the $2.50 purchase, I mean I am a new first time homeowner and this seemed like a pretty epic score.  As I drove home, gloating over my purchase I felt like I needed to know the story.

First of all, pineapples originally come from Brazil & Paraguay. It became associated with places like the Caribbean after hundreds of years of Indian migration. The migration was the result of some obvious reasons, not the least of which, pineapple is delicious. Duh! But back then, that deliciousness was a pretty rare thing. Sugar and fresh fruits and vegetable basically cost a fortune so only the peeps with the biggest pocketbooks had access to this delectable treat.  It was in part because of this that pineapples started to be given as gifts as a symbol of friendship, generosity and hospitality. 

oh yea, you read that right, my address IS in fact 12345 because it isn't just my pineapple knocker that is awesome.

oh yea, you read that right, my address IS in fact 12345 because it isn't just my pineapple knocker that is awesome.

And this is what bring us today. Yes, I did just skip over a whole long part of history to jump on in to modern day and the purchase of my dope door knocker.

When I bought my first home a few months ago I knew that I wanted to make it a real representation of me and my personality. My hope is that someone would walk in the door and instantly know it was "Dawne's home". If they had never met me before, they would get a good sense of who I was, good bad or indifferent.

Come on in...

Come on in...

That is why I am so excited about this pineapple door knocker. Basically it is announcing to all who enter my home that this is a place for friendship and generosity and all are welcome. It says...

"hey world, it's pretty hospitable in this joint."

I get it. It's just a door knocker and oh man, trust me when I say I have a long way to go to making this, my first home, the home I want it to be. But promoting friendship, generosity and hospitality is not a bad place to start if you ask me.

What does your home say about you?