maybe it's time to crush on an idea.

Remember as a kid that feeling of having your first crush? It was both awful and exhilarating all at the same time. Where has that feeling gone? I realize part of the rush of the experience is that it was new when we were young but I feel like many people chase that feeling throughout life. It is almost like being an addict and chasing down that first hit and the euphoria it gave you. 

Since the social world has deemed today, "#WCW or Woman Crush Wednesday" it started to think about the idea of having a crush and how we interact with that concept as adults. As we age and get married etc, having a crush on someone can get a little sticky. How can we get the same feeling with out crushing on some cute gal/guy? I was thinking, why not have a crush on an idea instead?  

We could crush on what we want to do next, where you would like to go, someone you would like to meet, something you want to learn etc. When we had those crushes as kids, don't you remember how we acted? We wrote their name down in our notebooks, we day-dreamed about them, wondered if they were thinking about us.

We started doing things out of character like pretending we know how to bake, and maybe get so caught up in the day dream that we forgot that something was in the oven and maybe we burned it.

i mean, i've heard that happens to some people, not me but...

Basically we all created a back story and future story for ourselves where we live happily ever after. What if that same effort were directed at ideas for you and your future? Couldn't that turn into something pretty substantial? All those minutes and hours spent thinking about the what if's of life only now we have the means to do something about it. We know how to put things into action. 

For many years, people used to tell me that I should write a book or a blog. I used to always think they were crazy and then one day I got a crush on the idea.

No joke. I started to ask myself what if and once I did that I thought about it all the time. What would I write about? Who would actually read it? Why would they read it? Would it be any good? After some time having a crush on this idea, it dawned on me that there was no reason I couldn't go after my crush. The only person stopping me was me, so I did it. Small at first of course. I am a walk before I run kinda girl.

It's been a few months and believe or not my crush has gotten stronger. It's what I think about at all hours of the day and night. I've even been known to wake up in the middle of the night freaking out with an idea of something to change or add or even delete. I start thinking that I forgot to say exactly what I meant or maybe I wrote something that could be misinterpreted. 

"there is a huge responsibility that comes along with putting your thoughts out into the universe." - me

In other words I am driving myself crazy. is that good, butterflies in the stomach, dizzy lightheaded feeling you get when your crush looks back at you and for a split second you think "oh my gosh, he just looked at me". I want to pass notes to my friends and readers that say "do you like what I am posting? check the box that applies". Basically I feel like a kid again but in a good way. It is almost like being able to go back in time knowing what I know now and belong able to apply it. It's really exciting.

My guess is that you are now wondering what my point is. The point is that a "crush" can be a lot of different things and it's a good idea to find one. They get endorphin's pumping, make you giggle to yourself sometimes and smile. We all now how powerful a smile is. 

what do you have a crush on? what will you do about it?

ideas worth spreading...

When I realized that telling stories was to be my life's purpose, it caused some of my dreams and ideas around life to change. I spent so much of my life afraid to get in front of people and speak my mind, although to most it seemed I was outgoing and chatty, I had an overwhelming fear of actually doing so in front of an audience. 

My particular talent for telling a story is through speaking and my hope is to use that talent to tell stories that help other people to experience life in a purposeful way.  So you can imagine my joy when I got to be involved in one of the independently organized events in Orange County, TEDx Youth Bommer Canyon. It was a life changing experience. Saturday I was blessed once again with a soul changing experience with TED. This time it was TEDx Portland.

I was able to attend their annual event and hear from a number of storytellers from all different walks of life. And after 8 hours it became even more clear that this is what I was born to do. I am determined that one day I will be on one of those TED stages myself. If I can provide one ounce of what these people and this organization provided to me then I will have done good in the world.

With all that being said I thought I would share with you some highlights from Saturday's event.

First, if you are not familiar with TED, well, where have you been. TED is place to share ideas. It is a nonprofit that spreads ideas through "talks" that are done live but are shared online and in many instances they then go "viral". In fact, they have had over 3 Billion views on their site. A variety of cities then run independent TEDx events to share in their communities.

This was TEDx Portland's 5th year. A one day event with over 16 speakers and music groups. The topics vary but center around a common theme. That theme this year is tomorrows.It is hard to truly tell you what the experience is like and even more difficult to decide who was my favorite. 

I know that technically, blogs are supposed to be short, but there was so much that happened, it is hard not to go on. So instead of reading my words, I thought I would share my favorite moments from the event in the form of quotes.

I love how a kid made this module. The world needs more kid made things.
— 4th grader to G. Douglas Bundy click pic for website
Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked female”.
— Erin McKeen as told by Amber Starks of @consciouscoils click pic for website
Every life has value. Every life matters, regardless of how many chromosomes you have
— Karen Gaffney of Karen Gaffney Foundation - Click pic for website
Use social as a window to the world that you don’t just look at, but you step into it...Right now, you’re doing it wrong
— Benji Wagner of Polerstuff - click pic for website

The day ended with a powerful reminder to pay attention to our spirits that was presented by Speech from Arrested Development who offered us his thoughts during his talk as he shared his story that fed his music.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are.”
— Speech from Arrested Development

P.S. The day ended with the TED tradition of a champagne toast. I know what you are are thinking, "no wonder Dawne likes this organization". Trust me, I feel the same way. It may not be tomorrow but you will see me on a TED stage at some point to tell my story and lead others to find their purpose and story. BE READY!