love and relationships

goals require you put some skin in the game

I know I should have shared my goals with you before the 1st of the year and for that I apologize. If I am being honest, I started to a number of times but realized that like me, most of you probably were busy with friends and family and the hullabaloo that comes with the holiday and might not have the time to read blogs. So, I made the choice to wait until things settled a bit. 

This last step in the process is a little intense so I decided to only share with you one goal from each of my areas of focus. This way, you would be able to see the depth of information you should assign to each goal without getting mired in reading a 20 page blog entry.  

Health & Wellness

To Lose 25 Pounds by April 6, 2016


Walk 10,000 steps or more each day

Eat 9 fruits or vegetables daily

No Fast Food

Quantify Outcome BE SPECIFIC:



to reduce sickness and allergy outbreaks

to be a better example to parents of why health is key

to boost self estee

Attach a Why:



Holding my breath for the inspection this week. - Image Source:    Redfin

Holding my breath for the inspection this week. - Image Source: Redfin

financial stability, growth & flexibility

Buy a house by April 2016


Work directly with financial adviser to allocate funds accordingly

limit wasteful spending - less trips to Target (sad but necessary)

Quantify Outcome BE SPECIFIC:



to create a home base (stability)

investment for future

To stop using frivolous spending as a creature comfort

Attach a Why:

Day of the Girl with Girls Inc. PNW. - Image Source:    @2015 d-talx llc.

Day of the Girl with Girls Inc. PNW. - Image Source: @2015 d-talx llc.

purpose & passion

To book 5-10 speaking opportunities by June 2016


Research local organizations, schools & universities for opportunities

Reach out to contacts with press-kit

build video profile on gigsalad and other speaker & experience forums

start writing

Quantify Outcome BE SPECIFIC:

Create base audience for expansion

build experience and connections

opportunity to live my dream

this is where the dream starts - it is the conduit for all other changes & opportunities to happen

Attach a Why:

love & relationships

NOTE: This was the most difficult one for me to work on this year and to share in a public forum. Because of this it may seem the least thought out. Please understand that it is very thought out but I am still working on understanding what this means for me. Like most things in life, it is a serious work in progress.

Meaningful conversations and meetings with loved ones monthly


Talk to people, don't rely on text

Work to meet new people

Call and meet "just because"

no technology distractions

Quantify Outcome BE SPECIFIC:

It's no fun being alone and harder to maintain friendships as we age and people get married and have kids

find someone to share experiences, travel etc. with

to open up and trust more - being open to experiences and people

Attach a Why:

There you have it. A goal for each of my areas of focus in 2016. Hopefully this helps you commit your goals to paper and get 2016 off to a great start. Thanks for sticking with the 31 day goal setting challenge and sharing your experiences with me in the comments, emails and in social media. 2015 was a strange and interesting year. There were a lot of changes in my life with health and work and even location but I know like most storms, clear skies are ahead. Thank you for sticking with me and showing interest in what I have to say and helping be a witness to my adventure. Looking forward to great things in 2016.

habits make the man...err...woman

Anytime you make a goal or decide to "fix" something in life it is going to require some changes in your habits.


If you have ever walked around a bookstore then I'm sure you have noticed that people talk a lot about "change" and "habits" in self-help books. Apparently, that is because as a culture, we don't tend to enjoy change so much. How else do you explain the popularity of a book called "Who Moved my Cheese"?

habits make the man...err. woman

Let's define habits based on the categories we listed on Monday that might help us meet our more specific goals that we finalize next week. As a reminder, here are the categories, I am focused on.

  • health & wellness

  • love & relationships

  • financial stability, growth & flexibility

  • purpose & passion

Did you define your's yet? NO? Well don't forget to check out Monday's post to catch up with us. "What are you going to pay attention to in 2016?" Once you have your categories of focus, it is time to determine what habits need to be part of our daily life to help us along our journey. Here are some of mine. Remember, try to have no more than 12. When you focus on too much, very little actually happens.

  • wake up with out snoozing

  • take vitamins daily

  • walk/work out daily

  • stop the glorification of busy

  • no fast food - cook more - more veggies

  • stretch daily

  • stop over-exaggerating and being overly dramatic - be okay with reality

  • love & relationships

  • initiate communication with friends & family better

  • remember special days and do things just because

  • gratitude journal and meditation daily

  • news/blogs - focused on my purpose

  • It's on the DVR, you can watch it later

I found my list from a couple years back too...thought I would share it to give you a little more inspiration and examples. #waybackwednesday

I found my list from a couple years back too...thought I would share it to give you a little more inspiration and examples. #waybackwednesday

There you go, it is your turn. It's the last step until we put pen to paper with a goal for each area of focus.

Can't wait to close out the challenge with all of you.