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"life is to short for fake butter, cheese or people"

Short week has come to an end, let the weekend begin! Before we head out for good times, let me leave you with a short and sweet lesson I learned this week that has got my head spinning so much that I am not doing 3 things today, just the one thing and that thing is BUTTER.

I was recently informed by my brother that asking for a man who enjoys butter on your online dating profile is a sure fire way to get them to think you are lying about your pictures. According to him, by saying that, guys suddenly question if your pictures are old and the girl has now gained weight or something. 


It's butter...everyone likes butter... big or tall, thin or thick, man or woman, young and old, the list goes on...

it's butter for goodness sakes

Who do you know that doesn't like butter? (before you answer, know that vegans don't count. I was a vegan for awhile as a test, it didn't mean I didn't like butter. and you know if they had butter their will would for sure be tested).

Butter has actually been around forever, some say as early as 1300 BC, but the first recorded knowledge of butter came on a 4500 year old limestone tablet, which was basically a recipe card for how to make butter. 

When we look back at references from this time you learn the countries all over the planet make reference to some form of butter. It was even considered medicinal. And come on, let's be real, we have all had a moment where butter just made something better and suddenly we perk up, things don't seem as bad, and we just feel good. BOOM,butter heals again. Though it should be said that some people (Greeks & Romans) though butter fit only for barbarians. 

How many types of food do you know that stay in consumption that long and in so many different places and iterations? Not many, that's for sure.

Plus butter has all this going for it

Gustav De Laval created the first version of margarine

Gustav De Laval created the first version of margarine

Butter is/was popular. So popular in fact that in the mid 1800's France was running low and offered money to someone that could produce a replacement. Cue 1869 and the first iteration of margarine. Probably not your Grandma's Country Crock.


There are actual places in this country that have butter sculpting contests.  There is even a movie all about butter and the people that sculpt it into works of art. It's a pretty funny movie.

There was even once a butter tower in the 16th century

Butter can be used in oil lamps as a replacement for oil

Butter is even mentioned in the BIBLE

India is the number one producer/consumer of butter in the world

I could go on but I have decided to refrain because I realize this post may now look like I have some crazy fascination with butter.

I mean think of all the amazing things that butter enhances


Macaroni & cheese

baked potatoes



steaks (the fancy ones at the steakhouse all use butter)


pie crust

I could go on but I have decided to refrain because I realize this post may now look like I have some crazy fascination with butter.

The truth is, I used the reference to infer that I wanted someone who was willing to indulge every once and a awhile. Who knew that all along I was sending them scurrying far away from my profile with no winks to be had? (I have winks by the way, I'm just now wondering if I would have more if I got rid of the butter bit.)

I guess it is true what they say...

Men are impossible to figure out. (wink)

So here is what I say to men of the world who think me asking for a small amount of love for butter means I am a certain size they don't want/like or that I'm lying with my pictures...I say why should it matter? Big or Small...I'm still the witty girls who interjected butter into a dating profile in a lighthearted fun way. So get over it, so we can eat something together with butter. I'm hungry. And if it is only my weird brothers that think that then my apologies.

My question to you... What random thing have you learned recently that really knocked your socks off? Tell me in the comments below.


So my question to you today... What ridiculous thing have you learned recently that really knocked your socks off. Maybe something that was so ludicrous you really had to questions things.