phenomenal woman

she is cloaked in strength...

Happy Motivational Monday! This post is for all my strong women out there trying to move mountains.The key is to start within, believe in what we are capable of and realize that not everyone needs to like us. We, on the other hand have to like ourselves. And why wouldn't we? 

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Have you seen us lately?

We are smart, but not that unapproachable smart, more like the kind of smart that puts people at ease and makes them tell us their stories. Because of this level of intelligence, we are also blessed with humor, like laugh out loud funny but also that sly witty type of humor that surprises people, drives their curiosity and makes it impossible to skip our name on any invitation list. It's not a party with out us. 

We are cloaked in strength that lifts, encourages and builds. It is a quiet strength that doesn't boast. It is seen in surprising places to others, but deep down we have always known it is there if we ever needed it. Often we use it for everyone but ourselves which makes it easy to forget but take a look, it is there. When we see it, we need to take it out, for us. It is this strength that will push us through.

Have you looked in the mirror, I mean really looked? We are gorgeous, maybe not super model gorgeous but that's because super model looks, aren't real. We are real. We share our beauty in our smile, our eyes, our lines and our curves. It makes other's sing songs, write poetry and know what love is. It's not contrived or airbrushed, it is pure, unique. It is us.


So again, why wouldn't we like ourselves? Why wouldn't we love ourselves?  Truth is once we do...everything is possible. 


one last thing...

It helps to remember how phenomenal we are when we look at our phenomenal women. One of my favorite reminders in "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou. It is a must for any bookshelf. (click on the image to get your own copy.)