top five ways to get motivated on a monday

Supposedly online, "top 5 and top 10 lists" rule the day. It has something to do with our attention spans being very short. I thought I would test this theory by offering my own top 5 list. Since it is Monday...why not have a Motivational Monday list? Here goes...

Read Kid President's Guide to be Awesome.

I can't believe I didn't add this one to last Friday's post "laid off? tips for what to do next". It is such a perfect pairing to that. Regular followers know that as far as I am concerned Kid President is the Bees Knees. With an infectious giggle - serious, I dare you not to start laughing when you hear it, and a message simple and to the point, make the world more awesome. It is hard not to be motivated watching this little guy and his brother Brad take the world by storm. They turn small acts of kindness into world changing events. We forget sometimes that the smallest things tend to bring the biggest results and they remind us of that. 

The book is full of all sorts of tips on how to make the world more awesome. I have been working my way through them all. (including licking the White House walls, yup I did it, so what?) They suggest things like leaving notes on peoples car to tell them how awesome of a parker they are, parades for the post office employee of your choice, celebrations for the lunch lady or janitor at school, even mailing a friend a corndog. Most everything in the book is totally possible for everyone, kids and adults alike to do, with maybe the exception of kissing Beyonce, that might be a little harder than mailing a corn dog but stanger things have happened.


book it forward.


Once you are out there making the world more awesome and stuff why not spread the wealth? I realize this one goes back to Kid President but technically it is the second suggestion I have for you Monday. #bookitforward 

Once you read the book, don't put it on your dusty shelf. If you are going to do that, give it to someone else to enjoy. Maybe it is a friend, maybe it's a stranger on the street who looks like they could use a pick me up, just book it forward. If you want to keep the book because you know you will need to refer to it time and time again (that is totally me) why not buy an extra copy for someone.

It doesn't have to be this book in particular,although I can't think of a better book. It can be any book that has inspired you, motivated or gave you a little lift. Sharing the things that inspired you with others is a sure way to feel motivated on a Monday.

Do something childlike.

 mean it. Something utterly and completely un-adult like. It could be getting one of those cheap baby pools and chilling in it outside (maybe while you're reading your book). What about running through the sprinklers or slipping down a slip and slide even. If those don't appeal to you, try something simpler, like laying outside on the grass and gazing up at the stars and dreaming of your future. It doesn't sound childlike but I remember growing up spending many a summer night doing that, I can only count a handful of nights as an adult where I have done that.

If you need something more, what about playing one of your favorite childhood boardgames? Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Sorry etc. You could even do something active like try hula hooping, Four Square, Tetherball, Hop Scotch, tag or even old family reunion style games like the three-legged race, egg toss, potato sack races or water balloon fights. The point is that it doesn't matter what the exact activity it is, just make it childlike and don't pay attention to what you look like, pay attention to how you feel.

Friday Night Dance Parties in Your Underwear. 

You didn't really think I was going to put a picture of me dancing in my underwear on here did you? Come on...

You didn't really think I was going to put a picture of me dancing in my underwear on here did you? Come on...

YUP, I said it. This is a solo activity by the way and here is why. Dancing is so much fun, even if you have no rhythm but most of us try to dance a certain way in public, it is almost always very "cool guy" or adult and acceptable. When you are home alone in your underwear, there is nobody to judge your moves and so you just have more fun.

If you really want to turn it up a notch, you pull out a hair brush or broom and use it as your microphone and morph into your favorite pop star. Don't knock it till you try it people. When you combine the endorphin's, sweat and energy, you will probably fall back on the coach laughing or at least breathing heavy with a smile on your face and be so relaxed. Dancing it out is a sure way to get motivated. Plus the endorphin's are good for our mood and the exercise is good for our bodies. What is more attractive than a smiling fit person? Ummm, not much.

Go for a walk by yourself.

simple, right? If at all possible do this somewhere away from your neighborhood. Go somewhere that you can be surrounded by nature of some kind. TYou can even skip if you like. (that's even better) Research says that even just a few minutes outside in nature calms us down and brings up our levels of sertonin. In my opinion there is a very specific way to do this kind of walk. First off you need comfortable clothes. Nothing worse than being in the middle of a walk and having to pull at your shorts, or continually re-tie your shoes or fix your ponytail. This walk is going to meditative and motivating so limiting the annoyance of distraction is a must.

Bring music. yes, I know you are in nature and there are birds singing etc. but I find that having music or even a TED Talk playing on my headphones helps center me. If I am ever blocked for an idea, this my go to activity. There is something about being away from a computer, phone etc that instantly gets my brain running on overtime and ideas spill out. So I do cheat a little and listen to the music on my phone so that if a brilliant idea appears I can speak it into the phone and record it. The last key to the walk is that it has to be over 30 minutes long. It doesn't matter how far you go at all, the only important thing is that it is removing you from distraction for enough time to really have felt the difference when you return to the rigmarole of a normal Monday. 

That's it, my five tips to get a little inspired today. They are simple and easy to do so what are you waiting for? If you actually complete all five of these tips you will have gained knowledge from reading, performed a philanthropic act by booking it forward, played a game to help brain function and hand eye coordination, gotten some exercise and learned you had better dance moves than you thought. Look at all this self improvement you did with very little effort. Talk about making the world more awesome. 

that's pretty dope.